Athlon Powersaving HOWTO

Daniel Nofftz


Revision History
Revision 1.1.42004-04-24Revised by: dn
sis chipset commandline hack changed, new sound fix added, new patch for the 2.6.5 kernel
Revision 1.1.32004-04-01Revised by: dn
minor update
Revision 1.1.22004-03-30Revised by: dn
KT600 commandline hack added, additional proves that the Sound-Problem Fix works!
Revision 1.1.12003-12-18Revised by: dn
Japanese and brasilian Portuguese Translation added, Possible Fix for Sound-Problems added
Revision 1.1.02003-10-04Revised by: dn
a big bunch of new informations and links

How to enable the power-saving functionality of the Athlon/Duron/AthlonXP processor on some motherboards/chipsets. This is usefull for saving Power and lowering the Temperature of the CPU and the System. (It also will reduce noise if you use temperature controlled fans in your case/on your cpu heatsink.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Basics on the Athlon Power Saving Mode
1.2. Copyright and License
1.3. Disclaimer
1.4. Feedback
1.5. New Versions of this Document
2. The Different Approaches
2.1. The Command-line Hack
2.2. The Athcool Program
2.3. BIOS updates
2.4. Kernel Patch
2.5. The LVCool Solution
2.6. The FVCool Program
2.7. AMD 760MP Powersaving
3. What Else?
3.1. How to test whether it works
3.2. Known Bugs/Problems
3.3. Fix for sound skips and other problems
3.4. Another Fix for sound skips and other problems (on some Via-Chipsets)
3.5. ToDo
3.6. Translations