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Consultants/Support Firms:
  • The Consultants Guide with over 1100 listings.
  • Arlanatech Software, A+ Certification Exam Practice Software covering CompTIA's 2001 exam objectives for both the Core Hardware and OS portions of their A+ Certification Exam.
  • Blue Roo - custom app & website development, Linux server security auditing and consultancy.
  • Boris Bord - software development, e-commerce solutions, consulting.
  • Linux Training, Provides complete training programs for Linux users and RHCE or Linux+ certification candidates.
  • Command Prompt, Inc.. A four year old Linux company specializing in Managed services, and custom programming. Our specialties include, Linux support, PHP/C++/XML and PostgreSQL development.
  • DecisionCraft Analytics, Firm providing decision solutions aided by information technology to organisations worldwide.
  • Emobee Professional Services - Application development, CGIs, troubleshooting, device drivers, general Linux assistance.
  • e-Zest Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a global Open Source Software Development and IT Consulting services company from Mumbai, India. Provides: e-business, ERP, Supply chain management and customer relationship management; as well as customised app development, wireless development, etc.
  • Fortuitous Technologies, provides Linux support, training, and documentation.
  • iManage, a leading provider of business collaboration software.
  • iDeveloperNetwork, Software Development Company dedicated to providing reasonably priced high quality IT services.
  • provides and supports complete Linux solutions. Pre-installed Linux desktops, workstations, and servers, backed by nationwide onsite warranty. VAR for Red Hat and Caldera. Linux OS
  • training and certification. Linux training for busy IT professionals. Weekend bootcamps and on-site classes. Classes taught by Linux practitioners.
  • support. Systems integration and migration consulting services.
  • Objective, in-depth, and comprehensive certification programs offered by the Linux Professional Institute or Sair Linux.
  •, Linux solutions in Belgium.
  • Netwind Learning Center, Linux training on videos and CDs.
  • LINUX, founded in Canada in 1999 is one of the world's first and leading provider of Linux-based application delivery and computing services to the server market.
  • LinuxSoft Consultants, Linuxsoft provides expert, professional consulting and support for Redhat Linux web servers, and Open Source Software. We provide support for a wide range of Open Source Software packages.
  • LiveFire Labs, offers online training on advanced computer topics, such as UNIX and Linux, with hands-on lab exercises on real servers.
  • Novosoft Inc., custom programming in a wide area of applications, from embedded solutions to e-commerce and Web development. ISO 9001/CMM quality standards. Affordable rates.
  • Pantek 24/7/365 Linux Support and Security Services, Pantek provides Linux tech support and security for several Linux distributions and applications, including Apache, BIND, and MySQL to name a few.
  • PAS Consulting Group : Consulting, Datev-Schnittstelle, eCommerce, Eingangsrechnung, ERP, Essentho, Euro Trade, Gebindeumrechnung, Handscanner, Marsberg, Synergien, Warenwirtschaftssystem, WWS
  • Bufete Consultor de Mexico - Piensa Systems, Information Technology consulting firm, est. 1994, serving Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. Mission critical system design, deployment and management. Linux training and certification. Supercomputer clusters manufacturing and deployment in business apps. e-business, EDI, cryptography and local certification authority.
  • ProActive - project management, web hosting, small business outsourcing.
  • Quatech Software - Application Consulting, provides solutions built on Linux to support the Content Management and Supply Chain extension needs of an organization.
  • RHCE2B.Com, Red Hat Certified Engineer Study Site including documentation and a free practice test.
  • Rushbrook IT - Linux Solutions; offer Linux integration solutions for corporations and public bodies. Specialities include file servers for Windows and Macintosh, internet servers, firewalls, high availability systems, security advice and system maintenance.
  • SaM-Solutions: offshore software development, Wide expertise of open-source programming, ISO 9001 compliant methodology, reasonable rates.
  • Selfcert - Linux Training, offers a wide range of award-winning, interactive self-study courses for IT and business professionals. Feature 24/7 online mentoring, engaging graphics, comprehensive text, practice exams and hands-on simulations.
  • Surrex - staffing, consulting, and project management.
  • Tek-Tips Forums, 800+ FREE non-commercial peer-to-peer support forums for computer professionals including forums for Linux, Sendmail, and Perl.
  • Tetrapod Communications, Inc., technical consultancy offering custom programming and administration services.
  • training etc, offers a Linux System Admin Course.
  • Wingpath Limited, custom software development in C/C++ for Linux, Unix and embedded environments.
  • ZioN Interface Co., Ltd, Linux solutions/information in Thai.

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