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Until September 2004 LinuxFocus was published every second month. These are the available issues:

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Welcome to the LinuxFocus online magazine

Since the beginning of October we have switched to a new layout. It is now much easier to get to the articles and you can directly select in which language you want to read them. The previous pages of the different language sections are still available via the "Languages" box on the sidebar.

We have also changed our way of working. We will no longer publish in issues. Instead the articles will be published as soon as they are available. We hope that this will be more attractive to authors and readers alike.

It is a long time that we had articles from French or Spanish authors even though this magazine originally started with these two languages. We would really like to encourage you to write for LinuxFocus. It does not have to be a complicated subject. Often the simple ideas are most fun to write and read about.

-- Guido Socher

The articles

The LinuxFocus Tip of the month

[available in: English | Deutsch | Türkçe ]
Change the keyboard on the fly , by Guido Socher

Unix basics

[available in: English | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français | Russian | Türkçe ]
The mystery of mount points , by Guido Socher

This article explains the concept of mount points but I hope the article has also some information which is interesting to readers who are not new to linux.


[available in: English | Castellano | Deutsch | Portugues | Türkçe ]
Creating panoramic views using Hugin, Enblend and The Gimp , by Katja Socher

In this article we show you how to create a panoramic picture using Hugin, Enblend and The Gimp.


[available in: English | Castellano | Deutsch ]
Simple Animation , by Alexander Langer

Creating a simple animation is fun and easy, for children and adults alike.


[available in: English | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français | Italiano ]
Linux in Science - Or How A Useful Neural Network Utility Was Developed , by Ralf Wieland

This article shows how useful Linux-based software in science is.

System Administration

[available in: English | Deutsch | Italiano | Nederlands | Russian | Türkçe ]
darkstat - a network traffic analyzer , by Mario M. Knopf

In this article we present the network traffic analyzer "darkstat". We cover installation, start and usage of this program.

Get involved with LinuxFocus!!!

LinuxFocus exists only because of your participation! You can e.g. write an article or translate. Linuxfocus exists because there are people like you who want to share their knowledge and therefore write or translate articles for LinuxFocus. Only if there are enough volunteers who write articles and others who translate them will there be a truly multicultural and international magazine!
If you want to participate then please send an email to Katja <katja (at)linuxfocus.org>, Guido <guido (at)linuxfocus.org> or any person listed in the contact person list.
Authors and translators are always heartly welcomed and are always needed!!!
We look forward to hearing from you!

Write an article for LinuxFocus!

There is a topic you know quite well and/or find very interesting where you want to share your knowledge with others? Then write an article for LinuxFocus! New articles (short and long) are always welcome!
We have a few easy guidelines you can read. And there is a template (new001.meta.shtml) you can use for your article. We hope you will like seeing your article published in LinuxFocus!

Translate for LinuxFocus!

You want to translate one or more articles for LinuxFocus?
We are always looking for people who are willing to translate our articles into another language (whether this language already exists or not). You can join our mailing list or simply discuss what you want to translate with us by writing an email to Katja <katja (at)linuxfocus.org> or Guido <guido (at)linuxfocus.org>.
In the mailing list we coordinate the translations and discuss about Linux related topics.
You can also read our translation guide for some useful tips and tricks.


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